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"Add Value Not Cost"

We offer proven programmes which, although usually backed by an Awarding Body Qualification, are designed to benefit the delegate and their organisation by improving performance. We are willing to deliver the programmes with or without the Qualification element, because any training is only as good as the results it delivers in real life. We aim to improve delegates' performance in the real world as our prime objective, any qualification that they may achieve is icing on the cake.

Why is Occupational Competence so important to our Programmes?

Just ask yourself this, would you employ a baker to plaster your walls? No? Well we feel strongly that, to maximise the learning experience for the delegates, and to ensure that any unexpected questions or situations can be dealt with we need someone who can walk their talk. All of our trainers have an experience and a background in the sector that they teach within. It is not uncommon for them to be individually assessed by Awarding Bodies to maintain their standards.   This is where we differ from both academic training companies and pure corporate training companies. While we value qualifications and understand that they are a benchmark, we believe that it is performance improvement and productivity that most companies are looking for from their investment in training.All of our training meets the standard required to fulfil the qualification, but also gives you the knowledge that you are getting more for your investment and than just the qualification.

Envision is a training company with a difference.

Although we deliver qualifications from ILM and other prestigious awarding bodies, we also write our own programmes accredited by these and other awarding bodies. However, that is not what we value most in our programmes.  We teach skills to improve competency.Each programme is developed and delivered to have maximum effect on productivity, efficiency and competency and to offer value for money.

Why are all our trainers qualified teachers?

Just because we don't see qualifications as the most important attribute of our training that doesn't mean we don't value the discipline and quality that formal training can bring to a programme. We want our delegates to have the best possible learning experience and by insisting on high standards of trainer and resources, we believe that they benefit more from the process.

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